Post One Hundred Ninety Seven


Camera: Canon 60D
Lens: Canon EF-S 18 – 135mm
Focal Length: Fotodiox Extension Tube
ISO: 200
Shutter Speed: 1/200 sec

Not quiet as crisp as I would have liked but it was tricky to get this shot as the nest was inside a palm tree that was swaying quite a lot with the wind.  I didn’t dare get any closer!


6 thoughts on “Post One Hundred Ninety Seven

  1. Great shot, could you tell me which extension you got? and how you took the picture. I have read a few review and it seems complicated. You would have to focus first without the extension then put it on…Maybe I understood wrong, (I hope )

    1. Hi Mary,

      I purchased the extension tube listed below:

      It is very easy to use. You attach it to your camera, then attach the lens to it. Since it doesn’t pass signals from the body to the lens you can’t use autofocus or change the aperture. I just put the lens in manual focus and shoot away. Because you are so close you really need to use a tripod to get a crisp shot but alternatively you can shoot using high speed and then just hope one turns out sharp. I would recommend it for sure, can’t beat that price!


      1. Do you use the mode micro (with the flower) and still work with the setting ( vivid/ bright) in the menu?
        I do not mind the manual focus, which I trust better than the auto focus. Thank you for the tip abt. the tripod
        I might just add this item to my Christmas list. Would you have any recommendation for a remote shutter.
        I take pictures of birds in our backyard from my window with the tripod. Recently, we had a Cooper and red shoulder hawk but I need a remote shutter so I do not scare them any more. (on a budget)

        Thank you again for posting your beautiful pictures, it is nice to see the settings you used and try them myself.

      2. Mary,

        I shoot everything in full manual so I do not use the macro mode. I imagine it would not work well since the camera would not be able to regulate the aperture of the lens since the extension tube does not pass the signal through. As for a remote shutter I currently do not have one so I can’t give a recommendation on that, I always use the timer but I understand why that doesn’t work in your situation.

  2. so you get all the setting before hand? like those:ISO: 200
    Shutter Speed: 1/200 sec then you put the extension tube take the picture?
    Do you work on the picture on your computer to enhance the colors. The green, yellow, and brown are amazing on your picture. I do not trust myself yet to go full manual.
    I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.

    1. No Problem! I put the extension on first. Then I get the camera and tripod setup on the subject and get things focused. Next I adjust the iso and shutter speed to ensure I have the proper exposure. I check the focus one more time and then use the timer to take the photo! On most photos I use Adobe Lightroom to crop and perform some manipulations. I don’t play with the colors too much other than to occasionally adjust the temperature. I do, however, sometimes do some more heavier editing when I am trying to achieve a certain look. Examples:

      Edited to black out most of the background while increasing the vibrancy of the leaf.

      Here I converted the photo to black and white with the exception of the label.

      I applied a saturation gradient on this shot.

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